Monday, March 14, 2016

Sewing for Baby: Infinity Scarf Bib

*update: the pattern that I used has resurfaced and you can buy it here on Etsy! I have edited this post to remove some of the actual tutorial because I don't want to steal someone else's work.  I only included a tutorial for this originally because the original tutorial I followed was no longer available.

Uff da, it is mid-March and I haven't blogged since mid-February.  Where did that time go!?!?  I have been doing lots of projects but I haven't been very motivated to blog about them lately for some reason.  I think it must be spring fever from the nice weather we have been having.  Unfortunately we are going to be back to winter temps later this week, boo.

My daughter will be 8 months in less than two weeks and I am finally getting around to share the drool bibs that I made for her a few weeks before she turned 7 months.  She popped out 2 teeth at the end of February/beginning of March and has been drooling like crazy.  I was at Target and almost bought some cute bandanna bibs but then I looked at them and thought "I can make these."  When I got home I started looking for tutorials and then I came across the pattern and tutorial for these infinity scarf bibs.

 I started by using the pattern to cut out 2 pieces of each part. I used some scrap jersey knit fabric leftover from other projects.

Next I placed the pieces right sides together and sewed them with a 1/4 inch seam allowance leaving a small opening close to the end.
I clipped the fabric around the curve so that the curve would lay better and then I turned them right side out and topstitched the opening closed.
Next I laid the end of the smaller piece on top of the end of the larger piece and topstitched them together just around the curve.
I then twisted the larger piece around the smaller piece so that the larger piece was on top of the smaller piece on the other end and topstitched them together.
This step helped to give the bib the looped appearance of an infinity scarf.

Finally I installed a snap on the ends of the scarf.  I have a pair KAM snap pliers and I love them so much. They have so many colors of snaps.  They are great for many projects and are so fun!  I chose a lovely coral snap for this scarf bib.
They take just a little bit of knit fabric and are so easy to make.  I just discovered that Girl Charlee Fabrics sells half yard cuts of fabric for around $3 a piece so I have been churning out a ton of these babies.  
I am so in love with the simple project! They are very effective in catching all the drool too so they are cute and functional.  

How amazing is the lime green snap on this one! 
I can't believe that this big girl is almost 8 months now!  

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  1. Is this the tutorial from Pinterest that comes up under White Birch Hill? Looks very similar and I can't find their tutorial, error 404.
    Anyways, these are cute, will try for my baby girl. Thanks for sharing

    1. Yes the tutorial I used to make these was by White Birch Hill. When I set out to write this post it was originally going to be shorter because I just planned on linking to their tutorial. But the tutorial had disappeared from their site so I decided to write a more detailed post so that people could try it out for themselves. I hope you enjoy making these! They are fun and easy to make :)

  2. Hi! I was wondering if there are measurements for specific ages or if it's a one size fits all.

    I am wanting to make for 4 months, 6-9ish months, and 18 months.

    1. Hello Myranda! When I originally wrote this post the pattern had disappeared but you can now buy it on Etsy for $2 using this link
      My daughter has been using them since she was 6 months. She was getting molars around 15 months and was really drooling and I put one on her and it still fit just fine. I haven't put one on her recently but I imagine they still might fit (she is almost 17 months now). I think it would be pretty easy to just extend the length to use on older babies and toddlers. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. I just did this tutorial start to finish before I realized it only worked with knit fabric. I'm pretty sad that I wasted all that time. I would recommend adding what type of fabric works best for the dimensions you have in the tutorial.

    1. I'm sorry that your project didn't turn out! I did say later in the post that I used knit fabric but I have now edited the post so that it says I used jersey knit at the beginning of the post. I don't think these scarves have to made strictly with knit fabric though but the fabric does have to have a good drape in order for it to look like a scarf. A quilters cotton print would be too stiff to achieve that look. I would encourage you to follow the link to the original pattern that is now available on Etsy that I have added to the top of this post. That is the original tutorial that I followed when I made these. It wasn't available when I wrote this post but it is now! Have a great day!


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