Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Been Awhile...

I haven't posted in awhile but it isn't for lack of projects.  A couple of weeks ago was my birthday and here is one of the new toys that I got:
Isn't she a beauty!  She's a Nikon d3100.  The only downfall was she didn't come with a cord so that I could upload photos to my computer so I had to buy a sd card reader.  I finally got around to it today so I am excited to finally post again.  I have some new photos for the living room and dining room and living room.  We'll say that these two rooms are done...for now:).

Here is the living room before:

Pretty dark and drab, right?  So here is what it looks like now:

 Remember this bookcase project?

Now here is the before of the dining room:

There were so many crazy colors going on!  Now here are the afters:

 New hardware makes the built-in look pretty schnazzy:)

There are still a lot of things that I want to do in these two rooms but I am pleased with the way they are looking so far.

Alright, now on to a little organization project.  This project was inspired by a couple of different things that I saw on Pinterest.  I have become an accessory junkie.  I love jewelry, belts, and scarves.  Awhile back I completed this project to display and store all my pretty earrings:

Now I wanted a way to store my scarves and large necklaces and I have seen two different pins using towel bars and shower curtain rings/hooks to hang them.  I decided to combine the two pins by purchasing an over the door towel rack for 10 dollars from Bed Bath and (Way) Beyond and some shower rings and hooks from Target.  And here is how it turned out:

I am definitely happy with how it turned out!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wall Stencil Fun

This stenciling project in the dining room has been time consuming and tiring.  With that said, I love the way it turned out.  And it was really easy, just a slow process.  

Here is the stencil in action:
 I started by painting the entire room with the base paint which was Valspar City Storm in flat sheen.  I taped the stencil up on the wall with painters tape.  The stencil is moorish trellis made by Royal Design Studios.  I used Valspar City Storm in semi-gloss sheen for the stencil.  I applied the paint to the stencil with a foam brush.  I like the subtle look of the stencil with this tone on tone technique.  The pattern disappears and reappears according to where you are in the room and where the light is. 
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