Sunday, August 27, 2017

Floral Letter + Lace Frame Art

Happy Sunday!  I am happy to announce that the nursery is officially finished.  I will share a full reveal in a few weeks but until then I've got a couple more DIY projects to share from the room. Today I am sharing how I created the floral letter and and lace frame art that is hanging above the crib in the nursery.

The floral letter is actually a repeat project from my blog.  Back in 2014, I created a floral letter R for our porch gallery wall in our last house. I created the floral letter A for this room using basically the same steps (and yes we have a name picked out for baby girl that begins with the letter A but I won't be sharing it on the blog for a while yet).
I started by painting the whole cardboard letter (from Hobby Lobby) gold.
I added the texture that you can see in the paint with this stenciling brush.

I used an awl to poke holes in the letter where I wanted to place the flowers.
Then I used hot glue to secure the flowers in place in the holes that I poked with the awl.

Finally I used ModPodge to attach some lace ribbon to the sides of the letter A.
I didn't take any pictures of how I made the lace frame art partly because they are so easy to make.  I found some open frames on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I used some scrap lace from my fabric stash. Actually the scrap lace in the smallest frame came from my mom's fabric stash and was the lace that she used as part of the bridesmaid dresses that she made for my wedding!  I then cut the scraps to roughly the size of the frames and used hot glue to attach the lace to the frames.  They still seemed to be missing something so I hot glued some of the leftover flowers in each frame.
I felt like the arrangement needed one more thing so I also hung this clock up with the letter and frames.  I actually bought the clock for Lyla's room but decided it didn't work in her room so I am glad to finally find a use for it.
I am so excited to show you the rest of this room!  My next post involves vintage doilies that I turned into art for above the dresser. Keep checking back for that post!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Floral Chandelier

Hello!  I am happy to say that the nursery for baby #2 is nearly finished.  Right now I am in the process of painting the dresser.  All I have left is to buy a crib mattress, mount the camera for the monitor, do 1 more art project, finish hanging decor and organize clothes.  Okay that sounds like a lot still but it really isn't!

Today I am excited to share the 1st of the nursery projects with you.  For this room I decided to go with a floral and lace theme.  If you read my blog then you probably remember the Hot Air Balloon Mobile that I made for Lyla's room.

For this nursery I decided to create a floral and lace chandelier to hang over the crib.  Now my dad pointed out that it isn't really a chandelier without light but if you type floral chandelier into Google you will come up with plenty of images and links of floral chandeliers.  They are quite a big trend for wedding reception decor these days.

This project took quite a few supplies.  Some of them I had on hand and the rest I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  Here are the supplies I used for this project:

  • two vine wreaths (one should be larger than the other)
  • various floral stems in shades of pink and white
  • a stem of greenery (I chose one with several long shoots that I could wrap around the wreaths)
  • fishing line for connecting the two wreaths (I didn't have any on hand so I just used jewelry wire)
  • lace trim and lace ribbon
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue
I started by wrapping a stem of the greenery around each wreath.  I used the glue gun to tuck it into different parts of the wreath until I got the look I wanted.  
Next I took the flower heads off of the stems and glued them onto the wreath.  I then connected the two wreaths with the jewelry wire (fishing line).  I made sure to secure the knots with hot glue.
Next I tied pieces of lace ribbon in varying lengths to the bottom wreath.  I had 4 different kinds which really created a nice look.
Finally I attached four pieces of wide lace trim (I had this on hand from another project) to the top wreath and secured them with hot glue.  I tied them together in a knot at the top.  I hung the wreath above the crib from this ceiling hook.  

It was a project that went together fairly quickly and I love the way it looks!  
Thanks for reading my post and I hope it inspired you!  Next time I will write a post about the decor that you can see hanging on the wall behind the crib in one of the photos above.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

PVC Pipe Water Table

I've been making some great progress on the nursery this week and I can't wait to share some really cool nursery projects with you.  Tonight I was going to hang 2 curtain rods and install a hook in the ceiling to hang the floral and lace mobile that I made over the crib.  It turns out that I need an 1/8 inch drill bit for both projects and I broke that bit awhile ago so instead I will write a blog post.

I love making gifts and it has been fun making some large gifts for my little girl.  You may remember this teepee from her 1st birthday:
This year I tackled a slightly less complicated project and made her a water table.  There are lots of tutorials out there for this project so I won't give you one now but I will give you that links to the tutorials that helped me the most.  This tutorial from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls and this tutorial from Moms Without Answers  gave specific dimensions for their tables and this tutorial from My Life With the Littles gave a lot of great advice on building the table with a suggestion for a PVC pipe cutter that I ended up buying for my project as well.
The biggest thing that all of the tutorials suggested that I didn't follow was using PVC glue.  I would of used it but my 10 foot pipes were left over from a summer theater production and were partially painted so they fit very snug in all of the fittings.  That is why you can see a little bit of bowing in my pipes but trust me it is very sturdy.
It was a big hit at her birthday party.  I put collapsible measuring cups, a collapsible colander, foam letters made for the bath and bath crayons in the water for the kids to play with.  I plan on putting different sensory things in it each time she plays with it.

Later a toy truck also joined the water party.  When we played with a few days later, Lyla thought it would be fun to use her toy shovel to scoop water out and dump it on me.  Fun times ha ha!

My next post will most likely be on a nursery project but I just can't resist giving you a little sneak peak of some of the things I have been working on!

The theme this time around is floral and lace and I love how it is coming together so far!

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