Sunday, August 27, 2017

Floral Letter + Lace Frame Art

Happy Sunday!  I am happy to announce that the nursery is officially finished.  I will share a full reveal in a few weeks but until then I've got a couple more DIY projects to share from the room. Today I am sharing how I created the floral letter and and lace frame art that is hanging above the crib in the nursery.

The floral letter is actually a repeat project from my blog.  Back in 2014, I created a floral letter R for our porch gallery wall in our last house. I created the floral letter A for this room using basically the same steps (and yes we have a name picked out for baby girl that begins with the letter A but I won't be sharing it on the blog for a while yet).
I started by painting the whole cardboard letter (from Hobby Lobby) gold.
I added the texture that you can see in the paint with this stenciling brush.

I used an awl to poke holes in the letter where I wanted to place the flowers.
Then I used hot glue to secure the flowers in place in the holes that I poked with the awl.

Finally I used ModPodge to attach some lace ribbon to the sides of the letter A.
I didn't take any pictures of how I made the lace frame art partly because they are so easy to make.  I found some open frames on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I used some scrap lace from my fabric stash. Actually the scrap lace in the smallest frame came from my mom's fabric stash and was the lace that she used as part of the bridesmaid dresses that she made for my wedding!  I then cut the scraps to roughly the size of the frames and used hot glue to attach the lace to the frames.  They still seemed to be missing something so I hot glued some of the leftover flowers in each frame.
I felt like the arrangement needed one more thing so I also hung this clock up with the letter and frames.  I actually bought the clock for Lyla's room but decided it didn't work in her room so I am glad to finally find a use for it.
I am so excited to show you the rest of this room!  My next post involves vintage doilies that I turned into art for above the dresser. Keep checking back for that post!

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