Friday, August 11, 2017

Floral Chandelier

Hello!  I am happy to say that the nursery for baby #2 is nearly finished.  Right now I am in the process of painting the dresser.  All I have left is to buy a crib mattress, mount the camera for the monitor, do 1 more art project, finish hanging decor and organize clothes.  Okay that sounds like a lot still but it really isn't!

Today I am excited to share the 1st of the nursery projects with you.  For this room I decided to go with a floral and lace theme.  If you read my blog then you probably remember the Hot Air Balloon Mobile that I made for Lyla's room.

For this nursery I decided to create a floral and lace chandelier to hang over the crib.  Now my dad pointed out that it isn't really a chandelier without light but if you type floral chandelier into Google you will come up with plenty of images and links of floral chandeliers.  They are quite a big trend for wedding reception decor these days.

This project took quite a few supplies.  Some of them I had on hand and the rest I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  Here are the supplies I used for this project:

  • two vine wreaths (one should be larger than the other)
  • various floral stems in shades of pink and white
  • a stem of greenery (I chose one with several long shoots that I could wrap around the wreaths)
  • fishing line for connecting the two wreaths (I didn't have any on hand so I just used jewelry wire)
  • lace trim and lace ribbon
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue
I started by wrapping a stem of the greenery around each wreath.  I used the glue gun to tuck it into different parts of the wreath until I got the look I wanted.  
Next I took the flower heads off of the stems and glued them onto the wreath.  I then connected the two wreaths with the jewelry wire (fishing line).  I made sure to secure the knots with hot glue.
Next I tied pieces of lace ribbon in varying lengths to the bottom wreath.  I had 4 different kinds which really created a nice look.
Finally I attached four pieces of wide lace trim (I had this on hand from another project) to the top wreath and secured them with hot glue.  I tied them together in a knot at the top.  I hung the wreath above the crib from this ceiling hook.  

It was a project that went together fairly quickly and I love the way it looks!  
Thanks for reading my post and I hope it inspired you!  Next time I will write a post about the decor that you can see hanging on the wall behind the crib in one of the photos above.  Have a great day!

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