Saturday, September 2, 2017

Vintage Doily Art

Happy Labor Day weekend!  I am enjoying this weekend by relaxing and getting some cleaning and laundry done in preparation for baby's arrival.  I can't believe that it is already September and officially my due date month!

I plan to give a full tour of the nursery in my next post but first I wanted to share a couple of diy projects with you.  The first one is this beautiful and simple art that I made out of doilies and embroidery hoops.  I didn't take any photos of the process because it is so incredibly simple.
I found these doilies at a couple of antique stores.  They are easy to find and it was fun looking through them to find a variety of patterns and sizes.  I was especially excited to find that pale pink one because it fits so well with the colors of the room.  I bought the wood embroidery hoops at Joann Fabrics and decided to buy three different sizes.  I put the doilies in the hoops and then carefully stretched them so that they were taut in the hoops.  I trimmed off the excess doily in each hoop and then applied a line of hot glue around the back of each embroidery hoop to secure the doily in the hoop.
I hung them above the dresser/changing station with simple gold nails.  I can't wait to share a full picture of the dresser once I do a nursery reveal.  It is such a beautiful piece of vintage furniture!

I have one more project to share with you today.  My execution on this one wasn't the best so I will share the original tutorial with you.
I fell in love with these beautiful lace curtains that I found on clearance at Target but I knew that I still needed to block the light in the room somehow.  I decided to buy blackout roller shades because I had seen many tutorials on Pinterest of how to cover them in fabric.  The tutorial that I followed (however I did not follow it very well) was this one from the blog The DIY Mommy. It is a great tutorial but I made a big mistake when I installed the shades.  I should of installed them backwards so that the fabric would cover the roll itself.  I tried fixing it but the shades wouldn't  roll up that way. Because of this I was unable to wrap the fabric around the sides of the shade because it would look bad in the rolled part.
It still looks beautiful and the shades roll up just fine but some of the fabric is starting to bubble because I didn't do a good job of applying the spray adhesive to both the shade and the fabric.  It will be easy to fix but I am just frustrated that it isn't perfect.  It's the curse of being a perfectionist.  I know it is still lovely and much better than plain white roller shades though.  I found that beautiful fabric at Hobby Lobby by the way and with the sale on the fabric I was able to cover 3 roller shades for $25!

Check back next week for the full reveal of the nursery!

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