Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sewing for Baby: Leggings and Matching Headband

I am happy to be back today with another installment of the Sewing for Baby series.  Today I am sharing a post on leggings with a bonus portion about sewing a matching headband.  A few posts ago I talked about our experience with cloth diapering so far.  You can read that post here.  I am happy to say that cloth diapering has been continuing to go wonderfully for us.  I am not looking forward to having to buy disposables again when she goes to daycare starting next week.  One of the deterrents for cloth diapering for some people is the fluffy bum that the diapers create.  I think it is adorable but it does occasionally make finding pants that fit challenging.

When I found a free pattern for Baby Got Back Infant/Toddler Leggings by Lauren Dahl from Baste + Gather, I knew I had to try making a pair (or 7).  I mean the name alone is awesome enough. Basically the pattern has an extra piece in the bum area of the leggings to allow room for the fluffiness of the cloth diapers.
Any stretchy knit works great with this pattern.  I have made 3 pairs so far all with fabric from Girl Charlee.  Here are the fabrics I have used:
Black Red Cream Buffalo Plaid Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric
Feathers on Silver Peony Cotton Jersey Knit Blend Fabric
Dark Chocolate Brown Solid Ponte de Roma Fabric

I made a pair with the feather fabric first but I made it in the 3-6 month size and it was were way too big for her (she will wear it eventually).  I cut the pattern down to the 0-3 month size and made a pair with the Ponte de Roma fabric next.  I really liked using this fabric because it has such a nice weight to it so in the future I plan to make more pairs with it.  This pair was still a little big and quite long. With the buffalo plaid pair I shortened the legs slightly, adjusted the rise of the paints so they weren't quite so high, and made the leg openings narrower.  Even with having to make adjustments, these leggings were very easy to put together.  Every baby is different so having to make some adjustments is expected.  You don't need a serger for this project but I loved how professional it made the leggings looks.

For the headband, I loosely followed this tutorial from The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood blog.  I cut the fabric to the measurements in the tutorial and cut a point on both ends like in the tutorial.  Instead of zigzag stitching the headband I just serged the edge leaving half of one of the points open.  I turned the headband right side out and top stitched the opening closed.  Lastly, I just tied the headband and voila, it was done.

I love the two photos above because they show just how obsessed she is with her feet.  In fact, as I am writing this her daddy is holding her and she is bending forward and drooling on her feet.  She wants them in her mouth so badly!

Next up on the blog: Lyla's Halloween costume which includes the leggings that I made with chocolate brown Ponte de Roma fabric.  Here are the other posts in the Sewing for Baby series:

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