Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sewing for Baby: Door Jammer

Today I have a very simple sewing tutorial for you.  These door jammers are great fabric scrap busters as they use very little fabric and can be whipped up in about 15 minutes.  We will be using them in our home to silently close doors so as not to wake baby when she is sleeping.  They are also great for teachers.  Some of the teachers at my school use them as a safety measure in case of an incident in the school that requires them to quickly lock their doors.  They keep their doors locked at all time and put the door jammers on to prevent the door from locking when closed.  In an emergency they can quickly remove them to lock their doors.  Alright now on to the tutorial.


  • Fabric-two 4" by 5.5" pieces
  • Batting-also cut in 4" by 5.5"
  • Elastic

I started by cutting all my fabric using my rotary cutter and cutting mat.
Then I cut pieces of elastic. This is where I made some mistakes as I cut them much too long for the first few.  It took some trial and error to get the right length.  When in doubt go shorter rather than longer on the elastic length.  I then layered the parts with the batting on the bottom, the two fabric pieces with right sides together and the elastic in between them.  I placed pins through the layers where the elastic was to hold it all together.
I then sewed around the edges making sure to leave and opening to turn the fabric right side out.
I turned the fabric right side out and pinned the opening.  This is my first one and the elastic was way to long.
I then top stitched around the edge of the fabric.
I made 4 of them total; one for each of the doors upstairs and an extra one for my classroom.
So that's it.  It was super easy and I think that I might start including one of these with the burp cloth sets that I like to give to expectant mothers.  You can take a look at the other projects in my Sewing for Baby series by clicking on the pictures below.

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