Monday, May 25, 2015

Sewing for Baby: Car Seat Canopy

Hello Everyone!  I am back today with the second installment in the Sewing for Baby series.  Today I am posting about sewing your own car seat canopy.  There are no shortage of tutorials out there for this project and my post today is not another tutorial.  Today I am just sharing with you what tutorial I used and how the project went for me.  After looking through many tutorials I finally decided to follow this tutorial from The Ribbon Retreat Blog.  The pictures were good and the instructions were clear.  The blogger even added cute bows and ric rac to her canopy.  I decided to make mine a little simpler and leave out the bows and ric rac.  I chose to make mine with cotton fabric on the top side and minky fabric on the underside.
Minky Cuddle Embossed Chevron Charcoal from
I purchased the top side fabric from Joann Fabrics.

Since this isn't a tutorial I didn't take many pics of the process but here are a few that I did take.
All of our casual plates are square so I had to use one of our fine china plates for the curves!
I laid the cotton fabric right side together on the minky and then cut out the minky that way and pinned.

For the straps I decided to use snaps instead of velcro.  The snaps and snap tool that I used are from the Kam Snaps company.  This was the hardest part of the whole project since I had never worked with snaps before.  Once I figured it out, however, it was really easy.

This whole project took me just a few hours in a day.  It was really simple and the project was also relatively inexpensive so I would definitely recommend making your own as opposed to buying one.

I hope you enjoyed installment #2 in this series.  Yesterday I completed installment #3 so I should be ready to post that one in the near future.  I have also been busy with several nursery projects and I may have a recipe post for you as well soon.  Keep checking back for more posts!

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