Friday, June 19, 2015

State String Art

It is hard to believe that almost all of my nursery projects are finished now and all that is left to do is clean things up.  But I guess I am almost 35 weeks and I am taking a two week class starting week after next so it is a good thing that the room is pretty much done.

Today I have a post on some more decor for the room.  String art is such an easy project and it looks so cool.  I chose to make string art with the states of North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Kansas since we have family living in all of the those states. I found the states in the Silhouette online store and they happened to be the perfect size to fit on the wood plaques that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I put hearts on each of the states in cities where I have lived or have family or both.  I cut the states on contact paper using my Silhouette.  I then stained the wood plaques with some leftover stain from another project.
I put the contact paper states on the plaques using transfer tape.  Then I started nailing in the small linoleum nails around the edge of the states and inside the heart.  I found that using a small pair of needle nose pliers to hold the nails in place while I hammered them in made the task much easier. It took me several days to complete this task because I could only do one before I needed a break with my pregnancy carpal tunnel.

Next I removed the contact paper.
I didn't take any pictures of wrapping the string but I used embroidery thread and started by tying it to one corner of the state.  Then I wrapped it around part of the heart and then went back and wrapped it around the next nail on the edge of the state.  I continued this until I got all around the state.  Of course the heart nails will be used several times each since there are less of them.
They turned out exactly as I had envisioned them so that made me happy.  Tying the string was a little frustrating because my string kept getting tangled up as I was trying to wrap it but it was worth it.

I put these up on the wall behind the glider with a few other art pieces.
I found the gold frame in a closet.  It was a plain wood frame that I spray painted gold.  The picture that is in it is one that I took in college but I plan on replacing it with something else.  The bottom piece is a simple project that I put together with a frame that I found at TJ Maxx.
The print is just the page of an old atlas that I bought at a used book store for another project that I will be sharing soon.  It is Mexico.  I chose that page because my mother-in-law is from Mexico.  I cut the phrase "oh the places you'll go" out on gold adhesive vinyl which I happened to have in my craft closet using my Silhouette.  I used transfer tape to place the vinyl on the glass of the frame.  It was a super simple project and it turned out to be so cute.  
So that is another completed piece of the nursery for you.  I still have 3 or 4 projects left to share with you in this room and then you will have to wait a little bit for the big room reveal post.  Next up on the blog will be the 4th installment in my Sewing for Baby series.

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