Saturday, November 14, 2015

Owl Baby Costume

Well I intended to write this post several weeks ago but I am finally getting around to it.  I went back to work at the beginning of this month so it made my life a little busier and blogging got pushed to the back burner.  If you know me then it is no secret that I love owls.  My classroom has owls everywhere and I have many items around my house that feature them.  It is probably not surprising then that Lyla was an owl for her first Halloween.
Owl Costume Supplies
  • plain white long sleeve onesie (you could use short sleeve to if you live in a warmer climate than I do)
  • felt in various colors-I wanted a more realistic look so I chose shades of brown and cream
  • jewels
  • feathers
  • stocking hat
I started by cutting the "feathers" from felt.  I laid them out on the onesie before attaching them with hot glue.
I added some real feathers with hot glue to give it some extra oomph.

One side note-don't put any too close to the face if your child likes to chew on things (that's pretty much all babies 2 months and older).  I ended up ripping a few of them off when she wore it on Halloween. The next step was to make the owl head.  I started by making a pattern on a piece of paper.
Then I cut out eyes.  It turns out that the caps for the Medela bottles were the perfect size for the eyes.

I cut out a beak and eyelids and glued them all onto the owl face.  I used some pink jewels for the eyes.  I know, owls don't have pink eyes, but I just couldn't resist.
I then glued the face onto a stocking hat.
Finally I added some feathers to the top of the head.
I had visions of taking adorable pictures of her in her costume when I took her 3 month pictures on Oct. 24th but unfortunately she hated the hat.  When the hat was off she was perfectly content but when it was on she fussed.  Oh well ha ha!
This was about the best photo that I could get.  Look at the look she is giving me!  "Mom, what are you doing to me?!?"  The brown pants are a pair of leggings that I made for her which can read more about in this post.  I bought the adorable crochet booties from this Etsy shop.

Here is one more picture for you.  She was definitely not thrilled about that hat!

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