Thursday, October 1, 2015

Custom Wine Labels Using Silhouette Print and Cut

Today I have a post that is, *gasp*, not about my child.  I know shocker right.  This also happens to be my 100th post!  I cannot believe that I have completed so many projects over the last 3 years.  A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me to help her make some custom wine labels and I knew that it would be a breeze with my Silhouette Portrait.  I made 3 wine labels to show different uses for this project but there are so many other possibilities as well.
I started by making a rectangle that was roughly 3.75" by 4.5".
I then designed my labels using different shapes, clip art, and text.  The first step to making the text or shapes filled for a print and cut design is to highlight the shape and open the fill color window. Then you can select the color from the basic options or make your own color using the advanced options.
Next open up the line color window and select the "no line" box.  You could leave that line there, it won't print on your printer, but it is easier to visualize the finished product without it.
After finishing my designs, I opened up the registration marks window and selected "type 1" to add the registration marks.  I could only fit two labels per sheet.  I then sent the design to my printer.
Once they printed I put them on the mat and loaded the mat into the machine.  I selected my media, set my blade, and made sure to select "cut edge."  If you don't select "cut edge" the machine will cut out every individual letter and shape.
Then all that is left is to put the labels on the wine bottles or in this case sparkling cider bottles.  We didn't have any wine at home and I didn't want to take the baby in the liquor store with me.  I also had an ulterior motive to make sparkling cider floats with cinnamon ice cream.  Mmm apple pie float. You could also make smaller labels for soda bottles with this project.  Let me know what you think of this project and your ideas for how to use these labels.  I have so many posts and projects bubbling in my head so check back frequently this month because I will have lots more for you!

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