Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sewing for Baby: Three Baby Skirts

Hello lovely readers!  Lately I have been pretty obsessed with sewing.  I have gotten over most of my fears when sewing and I love trying and learning new things.  I am currently in the middle of sewing quite a few baby things for other people but I can't resist throwing in a few projects for my baby girl. Today I have a post on three tutorials from other bloggers that I followed to make some adorable skirts.  But before I get to that, I wanted to share some more cute leggings that I made for Lyla to wear during the holiday season.  You can read more about the leggings in this post.
Seriously how cute are those leggings!  The fabric was another jersey knit from Girl Charlee Fabrics. Ok we'll move on to the skirts now.
The first skirt is actually a pattern that I purchased on Craftsy.  The pattern is called Twirly Baby Skirt.  The pattern isn't free but the cost is under $5.  The fabric I used was a Cotton + Steel print.

Things I Liked

  • the flat front on the waist band
  • the overall look of the skirt
Things I Didn't Like
  • gathering-mostly because it was my first time doing it-I just need more practice
  • the sizing was way off: I made the 6-12 month size and it seems more like 0-3 month size  
  • the tutorial could of used more pictures to make some of the directions more clear
I don't have any pictures of my Lyla modeling this one because there was no way she could fit in this. I will find a tiny baby girl to fit in it, don't worry.  This fabric is too cute to waste.

My next skirt is by Pitter Patterns and is called Simple Skirt Pattern.  It was a free pattern. I found the hot air balloon fabric at Joann Fabrics.

Things I Liked
  • no cutting of pattern pieces-all the pieces are rectangles so you just have to measure
  • the elastic casing isn't right at the top of the skirt-an interesting detail
  • the accent strip also gave a nice look to the skirt.  
  • the directions were very clear
Things I Didn't Like
  • nothing!  I loved this one so much
This pattern also included a sash but my little almost 6 month old loves to grab things so I knew it would be off in two seconds.  The skirt is just as adorable with out it.  I added the ric rac trim to add another cute detail to it.  

Seriously how cute is this skirt on my little model!  I just love it!
The last skirt is from Punkin Patterns blog and the post is called Easy-Peasy Skirts.  The fabric is from Joann Fabrics.  Cats and teacups, so cute!

Things I Liked 

  • it was so easy, just like the title of the tutorial indicates
  • directions were easy to follow
  • you calculate the measurements of the skirt by measuring the child you are sewing for so the fit is tailored to the recipient of the skirt
Things I Didn't Like
  • that mini pom pom trim was hard to sew on!-but that is my fault for choosing to add it.
I added mini pom pom trim which looks so cute but it was difficult to sew on.  I thought I could make it easier with the zipper foot but that didn't really help so I just had to forcefully guide it through.  It doesn't look so neat on the inside but you can't tell on the outside.

This skirt also looked great on my model of course.  I do not recommend using 6 month old models though ;).  They are very hard to photograph as evidenced by these outtakes.
 40 photos taken=3 non-blurry photos
Also, 6 month old girls aren't always very lady-like.
Well that is it for tonight.  I will probably have at least one more post for January but we'll see.  

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