Monday, November 13, 2017

Floral Number Monthly Baby Photos

 My little baby Ana turned 6 weeks this past Friday!  How is time going so fast!  Today I wanted to share with you a post on her monthly baby pictures.

For Lyla's monthly baby photos I found a vintage suitcase, some pretty fabric, a blanket (which now hangs out on the futon in our family room), and made a bunting with her name on it.  You can read more about her monthly baby photos here and here.  You can read about how I made the bunting here.
Above is a composite of all of her monthly photos from her baby book. The setup went with her vintage travel nursery theme.
Oh my goodness, she looks so different now!

She is definitely a little girl instead of a baby now.  It is so crazy!

I wanted Ana's monthly photos to also go with her nursery theme so I decided to make the number of each month out of flowers.  This was such a simple project that there isn't really that much to explain.
I waited for fake floral to be on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I gathered up quite a few stems with shades of pink and white flowers.  I made sure to select some that had some nice leaves as well.  Then I trimmed all of the floral heads and some of the leaves off of the stems.  I laid out an off white textured throw that I found at Target in front of the large window in her room.  It lets in a fantastic light that is perfect for pictures.  Then I arranged the flowers into a number 1.  That was all I had to do folks!  It was so simple and they turned out beautifully.  It will be see fun to see her grow next to these lovely floral numbers!
Seriously the light in her room is so gorgeous!  I also had an adorable model as well.  She isn't always a cooperative model though.  I added bandana bibs to my Etsy shop, The Petite Seam and she was  not amused when I tried to have her model one of the bibs.
Thankfully she fell asleep shortly after this and I got some sweet photos.
Seriously that light!

I am so excited for the next post on this blog.  I have been working on a big fireplace makeover in our living room over the past couple of weeks and it should finally be done by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.  Here is a little sneak peak:
Keep checking back so you don't miss the post on this stunning makeover!

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