Monday, August 24, 2015

Burlap Bunting

Hello everyone! It feels like forever since I wrote a blog post.  In fact, it has been a whole month and as you might of guessed the reason for the hiatus is because of the birth of our sweet baby girl.  I published the post of the reveal of her nursery on the same day that my water broke!  I had no clue that she would be making her entrance into the world a few days before her due date.  I thought that she was going to be at least a week overdue.  Here is my sweet little Lyla in one of her awesome newborn photos from Exposures by J. Linnea:
That photo was taken at about 2 and a half weeks and now my baby is already one month old!  Today I took her one month photo.  The project that I am sharing today is a bunting that I made to use in her monthly photos.  
One of my first outings alone with the baby was a trip to Hobby Lobby to gather supplies for this project.  This was actually my second trip to Hobby Lobby with her but the first time that we didn't go in because the carts are too small to fit a car seat.  This trip I made sure to pack the stroller in the trunk so that I could enjoy the trip without having to lug a car seat around.  For this project I envisioned a combination of burlap and lace and Hobby Lobby had no shortage of items that fit my vision.  I was elated to find a pre-made burlap bunting as it made the project that much easier. I picked up some coral craft paint, lace ribbon, and various other odds and ends as well.
I made stencils of the letters of her name with my Silhouette Portrait and contact paper.  The font I used was just good old Times New Roman.
Next I applied the coral paint with a stencil dauber.  At first I didn't have a paper towel underneath and when I realized that I was painting my kitchen countertop I quickly grabbed one and shoved it underneath the burlap.  I can no longer blame this kind of thing on pregnancy brain but as a friend pointed out today I can blame it on lack of sleep.
Next, I cut pieces of lace ribbon to put at the top of each triangle of the bunting.  I attached the ribbon with a hot glue gun.
DO NOT use your fingers to press the ribbon into the glue.  Lace has holes and so does burlap so you will get burned.  I used a wooden dowel which I rolled over the ribbon to press it onto the glue.
On the end bunting pieces I attached some crochet looking ribbon and then glued on some burlap and lace flowers that I found at Hobby Lobby.
 I was loving how it turned out.  And then when I put it up with the rest of the stuff that I had gathered for her monthly photo shoots, I was really in love with how it turned out.
I hope you enjoyed my first post in a month.  I will be back with the rest of the story on the monthly photo shoots in my next post.  

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