Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Simple Black Cat Costume

Well the plan was to get this post in before the end of October but I missed it by a day.  Oh well! I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!  Today I am here to share the simple Halloween costume that I made for my daughter.  Last year for her first Halloween Lyla was an owl.  You can check out how I made that costume in this post.
Owl Baby Costume

She's just changed a little bit! ;)  This year I decided to dress her as a black cat.  She loves kitties and one of her first "words" was kitty.  I say words in quotations because it was mostly just a "k" sound followed by hissing sound.  Now she can say it so that it sounds more like the actual word. I knew that this would be the perfect costume for her. This costume was so easy to put together and it was cheap!
I have the "paws" from her costume in the picture above but I never put them on her because both times that she wore her costume it was unseasonably warm.  I will start with how I made the tail.  The tail was made with a feather boa that I purchased at Joann Fabrics.  I attached it to a Kam pacifier clip which you can purchase here.  I tied it on and then put a dab of hot glue to secure it. I had to cut it of course so that it wouldn't be too long and trip her.  She was just starting to walk when I started making the costume but I knew that by Halloween she would be walking well so it wouldn't get in her way. Here a really blurry picture of the clip attached to the boa, sorry!
The paws were just a simple pair of mittens with extra pieces of boa glued around the wrist part.

I cut the ears out of black felt.  I didn't use a pattern at all, I just eyeballed it.  I used some gold glitter heat transfer material for the middle part of the ears and attached it to the felt using the package directions.

I attached the ears to metal hair clips with hot glue.  I then tied some ribbon that I had on hand into bows and glued them to the ears.
When I dressed her in her costume, I put her hair in pigtails on the top of her head and just clipped the ears to the pigtails.  Super simple and cute.

Her tail was clipped onto to her black leggings.  The rest of her costume consisted of black leggings and a black shirt from Old Navy, this cute skirt from Macy's, and a pair of hand-me-down boots.  The above pictures are from Boo at the Zoo.  The picture at the top of the post is from Halloween and she is wearing a this cute Cat & Jack sweatshirt from Target.  This costume even survived the day at daycare yesterday!  Everybody commented on how cute she looked and I loved that it took me about 15 minutes to put together.  

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