Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sewing for Baby: Bow Tie Pacifier Clip

Thanksgiving is now less than a week away.  I love Thanksgiving so much.  I love watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while I look at the Black Friday shopping ads (I never go Black Friday shopping though, I just like to look at the ads).  I love preparing half of the meal (my mom does the other half).  And I love spending time with family while eating delicious food.  It is also a very welcome break from the stress and busyness of preparing for Christmas concerts.  My most favorite part of Thanksgiving though is that afterwards it is okay for me to go into full Christmas mode and get out the decorations, pop my Christmas CDs into my car CD player, and watch all of my favorite Christmas movies.  This year I am even looking forward to Black Friday since the Gilmore Girls mini-series is premiering on Netflix.  I can't believe it is really happening!  It is my favorite show and I have watched the series from beginning to end at least 8 times.  Oy with the poodles already!

So you probably didn't come here to hear me talk non-stop about holidays and Gilmore Girls so I guess I should get to the actual topic of this post: Bow Tie Pacifier Clips.  My cousin had a baby boy in July (he actually shares a birthday with my Lyla!) and I finally got around to sending something for him about a month ago.  I gave them a Target gift card which will be good for diapers if nothing else and of course I had to throw in something handmade as well.  I saw an Etsy listing for bow tie pacifier clips and thought they were so cute that I had to try and make them myself.  I ended up combining two tutorials from a blog I love Make It & Love It.  You may remember that I made this cute faux vest onesie with snap on bow ties for a friend back in June.

I used the bow tie tutorial that was linked to that post and a different tutorial for pacifier clips.  
I cut out rectangles of scrap fabric in the size indicated in the tutorial.  I folded them in half longways with right sides together, sewed, and then turned them right side out.  This is an excellent scrap busting project by the way!
I then tucked the end in.
I cut a piece of elastic cord and folded it in half and then tied a knot at one end.  

I then inserted the cord with the knot into the folded end and sewed in place.
I then looped the other end through the alligator clip while folding the end under and sewed it in place.  The alligator or suspender clips are made by Kam snaps and you can get them here.  The link is to the big 52 piece pack but you can by smaller packs too.  

Finally, I hot glued the bow ties onto strap close to the clip.  

I attached one of Lyla's pacifiers to one just to test it out.  
While I was laying them out to take a picture of them, Lyla picked up the one with the pacifier and put the pacifier in her mouth so I clipped it on.  Doesn't she look dapper with a bow tie, haha!  I hope you enjoyed this post!  I am currently working on two more sewing project: a pair of Christmas pjs for Lyla and a mermaid baby gown that will be a gift to the next person I know that has a baby girl.  

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