Friday, November 25, 2016

Pattern Review: High Chair Cover

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Ours was wonderful, relaxing, and full of family time. Hopefully those of you who are big Black Friday shoppers were successful in your endeavors.  All of my Black Friday shopping has been online because I am not a fan of the crazy crowds!

Today I am reviewing a pattern that Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair Pattern by Sewplicity.  I want to start off this post by saying that I absolutely love the Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair.  It can be attached to many different types of dining chairs and it is convenient to take with you when you are going over to someone's house to eat a meal.  My only complaint with it was that it only came with one cover and the cover needs to air dry after being washed.  This doesn't work very well when you have to wash it in-between meals.  While looking for replacement covers to buy (you can buy extra Fisher-Price ones here), I came across the Sewplicity pattern and thought I would give it a try.  I cut the fabric for the pattern way back in July while working on Lyla's teepee.  I finally got around to sewing them about a month and a half ago.  

For the outer fabric of the covers I decided to use PUL fabric.  This is the same fabric that is used on cloth diapers.  I found the PUL fabric for these covers on a website called Diaper Sewing Supplies. The fabrics I used were Wildflower Watercolor and Fanciful Foxes.  I did not use any fusible interfacing like the pattern called for because I was using PUL.
The directions for this pattern were very easy to follow and the covers came together quickly. Because of the multiple layers of fabric and batting that needed to be sewn together, it was quite a workout for my machine.  A sharp needle is definitely essential for this project.  I was a little stumped on sewing free-hand buttonholes for the straps to go through.  The pattern's author does include directions on her blog but after reading a few more blog posts from other bloggers on the subject I figured out that I just needed a clear foot so that I could see my markings on the fabric.  I used a satin foot like this one.  Then I pulled down the buttonhole lever and changed the settings on my machine to the proper ones for sewing a buttonhole.  I just had to manually move the buttonhole lever when I came to the end of my marking to reverse the direction and sew the other side of the buttonhole.

I didn't sew the buttonholes on the bottom part as indicated in the pattern directions because it wasn't necessary for my model of the high chair.

Overall I really liked this pattern and love how the covers turned out.  They are so fun and I like having the ability to really customize Lyla's high chair.  Sometimes I feel like this blog is turning into a sewing blog instead of a house blog but I just love sewing so much!  I have been busy sewing Lyla some Christmas pajamas and I hope to be doing a fun Christmas photo shoot with her soon so check back for those posts.

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