Monday, September 14, 2015

Headband Holder

Part of the fun of having a little girl is being able to dress her up.  My little one has already accumulated quite the collection of headbands. I was storing them in a tray in one of the drawers of her dresser but since it was filling up quickly I decided to find a new storage solution.  I love to find fun ways to store accessories as evidenced by previous blog posts.
Scarf and Necklace Storage
Earring Display
Bracelet Holder
This project is very similar to the bracelet holder that I made a little over a year ago. For the bracelet holder I used a cardboard tube from the vinyl for my Silhouette Portrait and for this project I used a cardboard oat container

I used wood pieces from Hobby Lobby for the base and top. I decided to cover the oat container in burlap.  I decided to add a stenciled design with coral paint which was inspired by this project:
Stenciled Storage Boxes
I used the flower stencil (burlap storage box above) which I made using a transparency sheet for an overhead projector and my Silhouette Portrait.  You can find out how I made the stencils in this blog post.

I was a little bit concerned that it would look weird because the design isn't symmetrical so when I moved the stencil I couldn't line up the flowers perfectly but I think it turned out just fine.
I sprayed the fabric with spray adhesive and then attached it to the oat container. I tucked the extra fabric on the top and bottom inside the container.  

I then glued my wood pieces together with liquid nails.  For the base I used two round plaques with a candle holder sandwiched between.  For the top I use another round plaque and a finial on top.  I got the idea for this from this post from the blog The Good Life.
Then I painted the base and the top with a vintage white craft paint.  Next I attached the base and the top to the oat container with liquid nails.  One thing that I wish I would of done is to put something inside the oat container to weigh it down a little bit before attaching the top,  The holder is a little light even with the wood base and top.
Finally, I glued some lace ribbon at the top and bottom of the oat container to add a little more decoration to the holder.

Well that's all there was to it.  It was a very cheap project as I already had many of the supplies on hand.  I think I completed it for under $10.  


  1. Can you please advise what size the round plaques is.. Hobby lobby has a few sizes

    1. I can't remember what size I ended up using. My intention was to take the oatmeal container along to Hobby Lobby to determine which size would be the best but I forgot it so I just ended up buying a couple of sizes to see which one worked the best.


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