Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Silhouette PixScan and Some Small House Updates

I am no stranger to making appliqued onesies.  They are so great for using up fabric scraps.  Here are some other onesies I have made:
When Silhouette came out with their PixScan technology I immediately thought of how much material I could save using it.  It also saves time because I can cut all the fabric parts for applique onesies at the same time.  Here is a run down of how PixScan works.
I laid my fabric scraps with the heat n' bond backing on the PixScan mat.
Then I took a photo of the mat with my iPhone.
Then I uploaded the photo into the Silhouette design software by clicking the PixScan icon.  Next I just dragged my designs over the correct fabric square.  When you go to cut your designs, the Silhouette reads the registration marks on the PixScan mat and then cuts your designs.  It was seriously that easy!  There are many other uses for PixScan but this one will certainly be one of my favorites.

I also have some small house updates for you today.  They aren't super exciting but I am happy to have them taken care of before baby gets here.
First of all, about a month ago my husband decided to finish installing the quarter round in the master bedroom.  We started this project a LONG time ago.  Unfortunately we cut half of the pieces incorrectly and so we had to order more quarter round.  Lowes took forever to get it in and then they lost our order in the store so that when we went to pick it up, no one could locate our order!  By that time it was winter and we didn't want to be going back and forth between our unattached garage to cut the pieces.  I am so glad that my husband finished it because I was tired of looking at those quarter round pieces just hanging around.
I also finally hung my degrees up in the office.  As a gift for my masters commencement my parents paid for the custom framing of my undergrad and masters degrees.  I didn't want to hang them up until the office was painted so that is why it took so long (I graduated with my masters 2 years ago)

That is it for my quick post today.  Today I also edited the photos for a post on all the finishing touches in the nursery and I also took photos of the nursery so that I can post the big nursery reveal soon!  Check back in the near future for those posts.

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