Sunday, July 5, 2015

3 Years!

It is hard to believe that we have been living in our house for 3 years now.  Each year I like to recap the big projects that have happened in our house over the past year.  I'll start with the exterior.  Last summer we had a issue with our roof sliding off in sheets of shingles.
It was not a pretty sight.  We were hoping to make it a few more years in the house before having the roof replaced but I guess our roof just decided that it was done.  So we bit the bullet and got it replaced.

Another part of the house that saw some major changes this year was the living room.  We painted the living room and put up a chair rail before we moved in and then I made some curtains in November of that year but other than that the room stayed the same until this past fall/winter.  First we bought a new couch that was smaller than our previous one so that it fit the shape of the room better.
Then we purchased an Expedit shelving unit from Ikea that we turned into a media console.  You can check out the hack here: part I and part II.
We also purchased a new TV and then I stenciled some storage boxes for the console.
Next I made a skyline painting to go over the couch.
Finally I completed a small update to the living room curtains by adding grommets.
So without further ado, here are some photos of the living room in its current state.  I have also updated the house tour photos for the living room since the previous pictures didn't even include the living room curtains!

The next room that has gone through the most drastic change over the past year is our guest bedroom.
The only thing that had been done in this room previously was painting the walls and trim.  I had always anticipated that it would become a nursery so I didn't really try to do much else with it in the meantime.  I am not going to update the house tour or post a lot of pictures of the room until I do the big reveal but I thought I would give you one sneak peek photo so you could see the drastic change.
Just a little bit of a difference, right?  A few other parts of the house have gotten some small changes over the past year.  In the spring, I added some drawer inserts to the window seats on the porch.
I also painted the office.
So that is a recap of the year.  We are getting to the point in our diy home journey where major room overhauls are mostly a thing of the past but there could be one drastic change to the addition (office and bonus room) over the next year.  Stay tuned for that!

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