Saturday, July 18, 2015

Finishing Touches in the Nursery

The nursery has been finished for several weeks now.  I hope to have the big reveal ready for you in the next post but I thought that I would share some small finishing touches in the nursery.  First of all, I purchased a can of gold spray paint for the curtain rod in the room but I got so much use out of it beyond that.  Above you can see the fox lamp that I purchased at World Market.  He used to be black but that was boring so I spray painted him gold.  Isn't he cute?
I also spray painted the cheap plastic frame that houses the "Lefse Norwegian for Love" print.
You may remember the frame that I spray painted gold to add to the wall with the string art.  I said in that post that the photo in the frame was just a placeholder.  Here is the updated frame:
I love this photo of my grandpa and grandma and my grandpa's siblings and their spouses.  My Great Aunt Lyla is on the right side.  The frame mat is just some scrapbooking paper that I had on hand.

I also spray painted the top of this canister that I found at HomeGoods.  The handle is a cabinet knob from Hobby Lobby that I glued to the canister top with E6000 glue.  I have little things stored in the canister like a thermometer, pacifiers, nail clippers, and a nasal aspirator.

I also wanted to finally update you on the cloth diaper storage in the room.  We have decided to go the cloth diaper route part time.  We plan on using cloth diapers when we are at home with baby.  To store the diapers I found some media storage baskets at Target
To attach them to the wall I needed anchors, washers and screws.
I started by cutting pieces of newspapers to the size of the bottom of the baskets.  I then pushed the screws through each of the 4 corners for each basket.  I pushed the newspaper on to the screws to mark the spots where I needed to drill.
Then I taped the newspaper pieces to the wall, making sure to check that each one was level and evenly spaced.
I drilled holes for the anchors in the spots that I marked and removed the newspapers.  Then I inserted the anchors.
Then I just screwed the baskets to the wall placing a washer between the screw head and the basket. The baskets fit about 6 BumGenius diapers.  The diapers pull out easily without taking all of the other diapers with them.
For a diaper pail we decided to use two small SimpleHuman trash cans: one for cloth diapers and one for disposable diapers.  I made the labels using my Silhouette Portrait and gold adhesive vinyl.  The cloth diaper pail is lined with a reusable liner.
I finally filled the bookshelf in the room.  I found the storage baskets at HomeGoods.  Two of them are currently empty but the other one is filled with toys that my nieces have outgrown thanks to my awesome sister-in-law.  The storage boxes are from Michaels and contain manuals from all the new gadgets that we needed for this little baby.  Well that is all for now but the big reveal is coming soon so stay tuned!

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