Sunday, September 21, 2014

Grommet Curtain Panels

Last week I left you with this image of some lovely fabric I had ordered.
This week I am back to share the grommet curtain panels that I made for our bedroom using this fabric.  I made these panels the same way that I made the curtain panels in both our living room and dining room which I detailed in this post.

I started by cutting the fabric.  I was concerned about how the panels would look if I didn't line up the pattern on each panel so I made sure that each panel was cut so that the patterns lined up with each other.

Ironing the sides

Laid out and ready for the lining
Pinning the lining
After I finished sewing the panels it was time to add the grommets.  I found the grommets at Joann Fabrics and they come with 8 in a pack so I purchased a package for each panel.  Putting in the grommets is actually quite simple.
p.s. watching New Girl will help aid in the process of constructing curtain panels.

I measured the top of the panel.  I didn't really want to do any math so I just laid the grommets out and eyeballed it.
Then I used the provided template to trace the circles that would be cut out.
Then I cut out the holes.  They don't have to be perfectly round as evidenced by the above picture.
Finally I snapped the grommets in place.  One side of the grommet has grooves and the other has little spiky things so that they snap together.  If you mess up in placing them they are easy to pop off again.
And that was all there was to it.  Now I finally have some curtains to hang on the curtain rod that I put up months ago.

I love these so much because they turned out exactly like I had envisioned the curtains for this room. I like the grommets so much that I am thinking about adding smaller grommets to my living room curtains. Let me know what you think of my grommet curtain panels!

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