Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gifts and Cards and Labels Oh My!

I am now in that time of my life when weddings and baby showers are things that I attend frequently. Actually the number of weddings that I attend has been greatly reduced but now all the people whose weddings I have attended over the last few years are moving on to the next stage of their life and starting their families.  I love to attend both events because I take any chance that I can get to be creative and make something for someone.
A few weekends ago I attended yet another baby shower.  My giant stack of burp cloths is actually getting pretty small now so I might need to make a few more.  I have been having fun lately designing cards using my Silhouette Portrait.

I now have the designer software and my favorite feature is being able to turn anything into a sketch design.  For this card I used a baby carriage shape I found in the store and made the wheels into a sketch design and used a metallic sketch pen to sketch it onto kraft paper.  I then cut out the rest of the shape on a pearly baby blue paper and glued it to the card.  I sketched the the "congrats" onto some textured card stock and glued it to the card.  I drew the string for the banner by hand and then cut out the flags of the banner from washi tape.  I also put a piece of washi tape at the bottom.  I think it turned out so cute!

In July I attended a wedding and I shared the tutorial of how to make a heat transfer monogram for napkins with the Silhouette software in this post
I attended another wedding last weekend and made another set of heat transfer monogrammed napkins for the bride and groom.

For this set I used a gray fabric with a sparkly silver polka dot pattern.  I tweaked my monogram design slightly for this set by using a different block letter font and making the last name initial larger than the first name initial.  
Along with the napkins I bought silverware of of their registry.  It was the perfect gift combo.  I made a card with purple card stock (purple was one of their wedding colors).  I cut this beautiful cake design from the Silhouette online store out of silver paper.  Then I sketched the cake stand and the congratulations with a silver sketch pen.

You may have noticed my new sewing labels in a few of the pictures above.
My new blog logo and header design inspired me to redesign my labels.  You can check out my post on how I made my original sewing labels here.  I used the same process to make these but the Silhouette designer software gave me the freedom to use any font and any shape and make it into a sketch design.  I made the house by just using the line tool and then changing the line to a dashed line to make it look like stitches.  It was so simple.  

There should be some posts on home diy in the near future.  I have all the supplies to work on a project today, the fabric for our bedroom curtains is on order, and I just bought a bunch of paint samples at Home Depot on Thursday for the office.  I am excited to get back to it now that school has started and I am done with my beginning of the year preparations for teaching.  

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