Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Anniversary

One year ago from Monday we spent our first day in our new house.  A lot has changed since our first days in this house and I thought I would take a moment to reflect on those changes and the changes that are planned for the future.

I will start with the dining room because I am calling this room done for now. Here is a reminder of what we started with.

And here is what it looks like today:

Projects accomplished: Painted walls and wainscoting, added a stencil pattern to the walls using a glossy over flat paint technique, purchased a dining room table on Craigslist, hung curtain rods and sewed curtains, made art for the room out of photos from our Europe trip (post coming soon).

Still to do: sew placemats, refinish table and chairs (or purchase new chairs)
Next up is the kitchen.

Here are some pictures of the changes I've made:

I don't have any true progress pics yet because I am in the midst of tiling the back splash.

Projects completed: painted walls, changed out switch plates, painted side door, made a faux roman shade with water color painted fabric that I made, made recipe art for the faux brick wall, mounted a spice rack on the faux brick wall.

Still to do: Install a tile back splash with lantern shaped tile (in process right now), change out cabinet hardware
Now onto the living room:

And some progress shots:

Projects completed: painted walls and trim, put up a chair rail, made over bookcases, sewed curtains

Still to do: Get a new TV stand, have an electrician install some sort of overhead lighting and an outlet by the piano, add more art to the walls

Onto the porch, my focus project of the summer

And some progress shots:

Projects completed: painted walls and trim and porch floor (after removing the carpet), hung curtain rod, made window seats out of Ikea shelving units, spray painted an outdoor rug.

Still to do: find/make more pillows for the window seating, find a trunk to use as coffee table (actually might already have this but it is at my father-in-laws house in Western ND so it might be awhile before I get it), make voile curtains, paint trim around front door, make/find art for wall by front door.

Next up, the bonus room.

This room was a pretty blank slate:

Projects completed: Add exercise equipment to room, mount a TV on the wall, mount medal display holders.

Still to do: make inspirational word art for walls, new window treatments

I will not be updating the office, master bedroom, or bathrooms in this post.  The master bathroom is pretty perfect the way it is.  Eventually I will add pics to the house tour of what it looks like with all the accessories in it.  The other three rooms have not changed much although I have huge plans for the master bedroom sometime this Fall or late Summer

Next up is the guest bedroom

And now

Projects completed: Painted walls, doors and trim and changed out outlet covers and switch plates

Okay so not much has happened in here but I have big plans for this room as well.  Most of them I can't share yet but my next big project after the tiling in the kitchen is done is to pull up the carpet and refinish the wood floors underneath.  I would also like to do that in the upstairs hallway and on the stairs.

Now for the outside:

Projects completed: Created a bird cage planter, made a raised vegetable garden with cinder blocks, painted the front door (There will be a post in the near future with pictures, don't worry!)

Still to: Someday a new patio, or pergola, or deck or combination, cut back on the number of hosta plants, plant hydrangeas and tulips

Well a lot of work has been done and there is still so much to do.  But I have definitely been enjoying the journey and I look forward to spending many years in this house.

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