Monday, June 10, 2013

Bird Cage Planter

The weather in North Dakota was perfect for gardening today so I am here with a fun and easy gardening project for you.  I found this idea in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine several years ago and I think it is so cute.  The bird cage adds some interest to the garden that you wouldn't get from a regular hanging basket or planter.

This project is so simple and only requires a few supplies:
 1. A bird cage-I found this one at Joann's a few years go but I have seen them at Hobby Lobby, Gordman's, and thrift stores.
2. Sphagnum moss-I purchased a bag at Home Depot and one bag lasted for almost 3 summers.
3. Potting soil
4. Flowering plants-a cascading plant with small flowers works best
5. A bowl filled with water for soaking the moss

Step 1: Soak the moss in the bowl of water.  This makes it easier to mold and place on the sides of the cage.

Step 2: Place the moss on the bottom and part way up the side of the cage to form a container for the potting soil.

Step 3: Pour potting soil into the moss container.

Step 4: Take the plants out of their containers and break up the root pack so that the roots are no longer molded to the shape of the container.  This works best if they are damp.  Then make a hole in the potting soil for the roots of the plants and place them in the soil.  Then gently pull some of the stems through the bars of the cage.

Don't forget to water the plants so that they are become better acclimated to their new surroundings.  This is the third summer that I have filled this planter.  Here is a look back at the previous years.


I hope you enjoyed this simple summer project!  Here is a peak at some of the porch progress. I am super excited about how it is turning out!


  1. Hi Jessica, I really like this bird cage planter and would love to blog about it on the Dutch gardening blog Would it be okay if I used one of your photo's with my blog? Clarissa

    1. Yes you may use one of my photos! I am glad that you like it:)

  2. Wonderful diy tutorial you shared. I like your blog.

  3. i used fuschia-turned out great with some ivy added


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