Friday, July 5, 2013

A Colorful Entrance

I love the outside of our house.  The landscaping is absolutely gorgeous, the window boxes are adorable, and I love the gray metal siding.  But the front door left something to be desired.  Technically this door is a super heavy metal storm door.  We had some issues with it this Spring because the thing that makes the door shut slower was broken.  This door is heavy so when it closes quickly it gets stuck and is almost impossible to open from the outside.  Thankfully my husband bought a new part for it and it now works properly again but it was pretty boring to look at.  I especially hated that gold kick plate at the bottom.

So I decided it was time for a new bold paint color for the door.  Originally I wanted to paint the door a bright yellow a la the Petersiks of Young House Love.  But then I happened to be reading another diy blog that I like, IHeart Organizing, and saw that the lovely Jen had decided to paint her front door a lovely deep teal color.  I loved the color that she chose so much that I decided to put the same color on my front door.  Her house has gray siding too so I new that this color would look fantastic on my house as well.  The color is Behr Harbor and I absolutely love it.  I get giddy every time I see it.  Well enough talk, let's see some pictures!

Also, with the new color I am totally digging the gold kick plate now.  Teal and gold is a fabulous combo. 

I also thought I would include a little raised garden update with this post because the garden is looking dramatically different these days. This is what it looked like not even a month ago:

And it looks just slightly different now ;)

 Many of the cucumbers, zucchinis, and tomatoes have blooms now and I can't wait to be eating delicious home grown veggies!

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