Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Living Room Updates

 Hello!  I am back with a post to finally show you all of the updates we've made to the living room since we moved in. It is hard to believe that the room that you see above once looked like this:

Those dark purple walls were really making the room much darker than it needed to be so the first thing that changed in the room was the wall color.  I love this lovely greige by Behr called Silver Drop.  In fact, I love it so much that I'm thinking about painted all of the remaining walls in the upstairs the same color.  I am also going to be using painting the family room in the basement this color.
The second big change was that fireplace.  You can read about that transformation in this post.  The other new items that you see from this angle are our new sectional, a large storage ottoman, a couple of Agen Armchairs from IKEA, and some white linen curtains that I found at HomeGoods.  I hung up my watercolor skyline of Tulsa that you can read more about in this post.  I made the cushions on the Agen chairs (they aren't my best work so I won't be sharing a tutorial with you but they get the job done haha).  The pillows on the chairs were ones that I already had but I plan on eventually getting matching pillows for those chairs. We removed the ceiling fan in this room (it was just the fan, no lights on it) and put up this light fixture from Wayfair.  I love how the black of the light fixture works so well with the curtain rods (another Target purchase) and the black in the tile of the fireplace.
These pillows came with sectional and I may eventually change them out but the yellow actually works well with the yellow fabric on the backs of bookcase.
On this side of the room we set up the two bookshelves that were in the corner of our old living room on either side of the Liatorp sideboard that was in our bonus room in our old house.  The baskets on the sideboard are all TJ Maxx and HomeGoods finds.  Those bookshelves are kind of messy right now, eventually I will get them more organized.  Also our vacuum cleaner has a nice cameo in this picture oops.

Speaking of messes, note the lovely pile of toys behind the blue chair.  Our old storage ottoman from our living room is housing most of the toys but there is some overflow.  I plan to get some nice large baskets for some of them and the rest will move to Lyla's room.
And here's the not as nice angle in the room.  This way you can see more toys and a lot of blank walls.  I definitely need to put some art and decor on those walls but I like to be really purposeful about what I put up so I'm still coming up with ideas.  The blue armchair will probably move to the far corner where those toys since it is kind of crowding the piano area.  I plan to either get a new end table or give that one a makeover.  I like that it has storage inside of it but it is a little chunky.  Other plans for this room include getting a small table to go between the IKEA chairs, making roman shades out of the mini blinds on the windows, finding a lamp to go on the end table and maybe even  buying floor lamp for that corner where the blue chair might be moving to. I am pretty happy with how this room has turned out and I love spending time in here and having people over to hang out in here! 

Next up for the blog I have a large post for the Sewing for Baby series which will also include an update on cloth diapering in our household.  I have also begun work on my sewing studio in the basement and I have several projects in there that I will be excited to share with you.

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