Monday, August 1, 2016

Felt Flower Crown

Happy Monday!  I know, I know, who says that besides a teacher on summer break?  Don't worry, in a few weeks I probably won't be so happy about Mondays either.  Today I have a post about a felt flower crown that I made for my daughter to wear with one of her outfits for her 1 year photo session. I love making flowers out of paper as evidenced by these two fun projects:
Watercolor Paper Flowers
Atlas Roses

The process for making flowers out of felt is pretty much the same.  For both of the paper projects I used my Silhouette Portrait to cut out the petals which made the process a lot quicker but for the felt roses I didn't need as many petals so I just made my own pattern and cut them out by hand. The pattern was kind of 4-leaf clover shaped.  
I cut two pieces for each flower. Then I put a dot of hot glue on one of the pieces and laid the other piece on top so the the petals of the top piece lined up in between the petals of the bottom piece.
I curled one of the petals of the top piece and secured it with hot glue.  I then curled the opposite petal around the center petal using a dap of hot glue to secure it.  I continued this process with all of the petals of the top piece and then the bottom piece until my rose was finished.
I bought a simple black headband at Hobby Lobby and glued the roses on the top of the headband.  I made 8 total, 2 of each color.

Finally I cut out leaf shapes from green felt and glued them between each rose to fill the headband out a little.

I chose these colors because of the colors of the embroidery of a dress from Gap that I chose for one of her outfits for pictures.  The purple wasn't actually a color in the embroidery but I thought it would go well with everything anyway.
Don't you just love that dress?  It is so lovely.  I just love baby and kids clothes from Gap.  All of the clothes I have for Lyla from there are my favorites.  Oh and here are a few pictures of Lyla in the finished outfit.

She looks like a little angel!  The look I was going for was a look reminiscent of Frida Kahlo who is one of my favorite artists.  I am so excited about my next post which will be the next installment of the Sewing for Baby series.  I am in love with the pattern that I am reviewing for that post and I can't wait to share it with you!

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