Tuesday, June 14, 2016

More Updates in the Bonus Room

When I last posted about this room it looked like this:

And here is a reminder of how it looked before:

After the workers were done with their part of the redo it was our turn to start on our work.  First off we selected some baseboards at Home Depot and my husband took on the task of installing them. There are still a few left to install but we are waiting until we get a new door for the closet first.  Then it was time for paint.  I didn't mind the paint color in this room which is also in the hallway upstairs but for some reason it looked pink under the lights in this room.  It was even more noticeable in person than in the above photos.  We had to paint anyway since the bottom 3rd of the walls were removed and then replaced because of the drain tile installation.  The color we selected is Behr Windrush.  It is a lovely greige that looks different in different lights and at different times of day.

We purchased a new futon because the frame of my futon that I purchased in college was shot.  I think it had been taken apart and reassembled too many times with many moves over the years.  We purchased the Emily Futon in gray linen from Target.  I like this futon because it has a nice modern look and it isn't as bulky as my old futon.  It is also so simple to change it from a bed to sofa.  My other futon required two people to switch it back and forth but this one is easy to do all by myself.

I also purchased this 5' by 7' area rug at Target.  I wanted a soft surface for Lyla to play on in the room.  

This room still needs a lot of things:

1. finish installing baseboards, fill nail holes, caulk, and paint
2. install closet door (the current door wouldn't close)
3. paint trim around the closet door
4. curtain rods and curtains
5. media furniture for the TV
6. toy storage
7. pillows and a throw for the futon
8. wall decor

I hope to have the room mostly finished by the end of the summer.  Wish me luck!

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