Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sewing for Baby: Tula Hoodie Hood

Hello everyone!  Summer break has started for me and I am looking forward to taking lots of walks and having lots of adventures with my daughter using my Tula soft structure carrier.  I have enjoyed wearing my baby girl since she was a newborn and I carried her around in a Boba wrap.  It is also an awesome way to get a baby who won't nap to take one because those really young babies can't resist falling asleep while being snuggled up against you.  A Tula carrier was on my list of major wants and once she started to get too big for the Boba wrap I decided to make the investment on one and I love it!  I bought the Fizz canvas carrier which you can find here.

I joined a Facebook group for Tula wearers and the people in the group were always talking about the accessories that they bought for their Tulas.  When I found this pattern for a hoodie hood by Carry Ella Creative I just knew that I had to make one to accessorize my Tula.

The tutorial and pictures that come with the pattern are great.  The pattern instructions are so easy to follow and there are lots of options with the pattern for instance you can add ears (I of course had to add some kitty ears!) or you can choose to add a bill (like I did with the eyelet trim).

I found the fabric for the exterior at Cotton Candy Fabrics which carries many of the fabrics that Tula uses in their carriers.  The fabric of my Tula is a Michael Miller print from the Fiesta collection called Emilia Grape.  The fabric that I chose for the exterior of the hood is also from the Fiesta collection and is called Ernesta Grape.  For the interior I used some embossed minky that was leftover from another project.
I also added a bow made from the fabric that matches my Tula and some lace ribbon.  I thought it would be a cute touch.

I probably should of taken some photos of Lyla in the Tula while wearing the hood but I am not a great selfie taker so here are some blurry photos of her wearing it around the house.  She is in constant motion nowadays so they are a little blurry.

By the time I snapped the second photo she was wearing the hood sideways haha.  I am currently making some drool pads for the straps of the Tula from a pattern by the same Etsy seller.  I can't wait to share that project with you too!

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