Saturday, April 4, 2015

Blackout Curtain Panels for the Nursery

Hello!  One of the advantages of working in a private Christian school is having a nice long Easter break.  I spent the first two days of my break working on curtains for the nursery.  This won't be a tutorial because I assembled these curtains in pretty much the same way as all the other curtains in my home.  I will put some links at the bottom of this post to other curtain posts I have done.

With the other curtains in my home I used cheap twin flat sheets as lining fabric but for these panels I used blackout fabric which will be important in the baby's room.  I don't like spending all the extra money but I know I will appreciate it when I am trying to put baby R to sleep when there is still daylight.  I also used multiple fabrics on the front side of the panel.  That just involved sewing some straight (ish) lines and pressing some seams, no big deal.

Here are the links to the fabrics I used:

I added grommets with a brass finish to the tops.  For the curtain rod I was inspired by these rods from Restoration Hardware:

I found a similar looking rod with crystal finials at Target and spray painted it with gold paint.  

I love these sweet curtains so much.  I was originally going to go with navy and white for the curtains but I am so glad I went for the bright color pop with the coral!

Click on the pictures below to read about my other diy curtains.


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