Monday, March 2, 2015

Office Update

I've taken a little break from nursery stuff to work on a project that I decided wouldn't get done if it weren't done before baby comes.  We use the 3rd bedroom in our house as an office and I was sick of the purple wall color of the room.  I mean, I love the color purple but not this shade on all 4 walls of a small room.

I decided that a pale mint was the color that I envisioned for this room and after putting 6 different swatches (that looked remarkably similar) on the wall I decided on Behr Mint Fizz.  I am not disappointed in my choice at all but unfortunately none of my pictures do it justice.  Also painting the room made me aware of all the other things that I still want to do in this room.  So I decided to label the photos with some ideas that I have for the room.

Maybe these pics would have been better in daylight.  Oh well.  Just trust me that the wall color is a beautiful pale mint green.  By the way this small room has four doors, with 2 closet doors and a bathroom door in a addition to the main door!  They are all in the same area too.  If I had taken that last shot a little wider you could of seen all of them!  Just a random fact for you.

In nursery news, a few weeks ago I decided to tackle the 2 giant closets in the room.  There was a lot of stuff in those closets that didn't need to be in there.  In fact there was a lot of stuff that didn't need to be in our house period so this past weekend we took a massive load to the local charity thrift store for donation.  I have also been on the search for a dresser which was beginning to frustrate me.  I had this vision of a midcentury modern piece but finding something for under $150 that would make a good baby changing station and fit in the room was a challenge.  But I am happy to say that I found a lovely 1950's dresser that is absolutely perfect for $125 and I look forward to sharing pics once it is in the room.  We also ordered the crib and I will share that once we have it set up as well.  Now our job is to move the bed out of the room so that we have room for the crib which comes tomorrow!

I have a fun post on layering heat transfer material with the Silhouette for you guys for this coming weekend so you have something to look forward to!

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