Sunday, February 2, 2014

From Chaos to a Functional Closet

I have been busy making curtains for a friend's nursery but I wanted to share the results of project #1 from this post.  So here is a look at the chaos that I started with which was a completely non-functional closet for my craft supplies.
This quickly became more chaotic when I moved everything out of the closet into the room.
Yikes!  I can't believe all that stuff was crammed into that closet.  I knew that I wanted to put shelves up and decided to purchase some wire shelving from this website.  I liked that they charged by the foot and cut the shelves to custom lengths.  After installing the shelves the closet looked like this.

The best part about this is that I have maximized the storage space in the closet by putting shelves on all sides and I can walk into the closet to get what I need.  The after photo that I am about to show you can be more accurately described as an in progress photo.  I still have lots of things that I want to do but it is so much better already.
My favorite parts so far are the things that I have done with shoe organizers.  First I used a Closetmaid shoe organizer from Target for my fabric scrap storage.

I also use this same shoe organizer in my classroom for storing rhythm and melody flashcards and I love it for that purpose too.

I used an over-the-door shoe organizer for spray paint storage.  You can fit two cans in each pocket!  Now I need more spray paint.
I bought some plastic storage containers at the dollar store and still plan to add labels for the supplies in each one.
Finally, I used a cheap tension rod to store my supply of ribbon.
Well that is it for now.  As you can see there are still a lot of things on the shelves that need more organizing and I definitely need some sort of light in there but it is so much better than before.  I feel more motivated to do projects when I can actually find things.  Hopefully I will get in more than one post in February but we will see how things go.  I hope you enjoyed this post on my January closet organization project!

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