Friday, December 27, 2013

Three Big Future Projects

I have been posting some small projects since my completion of the furniture and walls in our bedroom but I do have some more large projects in mind.  Here is a look at three of those projects, my ideas for the completion of them, and a timeline for when I want to complete them.  I hope this post keeps me accountable and inspires me to get on them.

First up is my craft closet.  Right now this closet is a giant disaster.

So this closet may have functioned as a clothes closet for the previous owners.  It actually had another rod that was mounted about a foot under the other one.  I removed that one so that I could hang that shelf thing that is attached to the rod.  The bottom photo shows the disaster area floor. This closet does not work for me at all the way it is configured.  It needs shelves and I found a website that can cut wire shelving to custom lengths that charges by the foot.  I think it will be a cost effective solution for this space.  Here are some other ideas that I have found on Pinterest.
From Craftholics Anonymous courtesy of Lina from Fancy Frugal Life
I like the fabric storage idea in the above picture.  I also like the spray painted spool holder, so cute!
Here is another cute idea for spool storage.
I love the idea of using tension rods for ribbon storage.  It is so cute and so functional.
This idea came from the blog Mad in Crafts
This is a great idea for storing craft paint.  I even have some of these wire cube shelves lying around my house!
I love this idea for storing vinyl for my Silhouette Portrait.
Using contact paper without removing the backing is a clever way of covering wire shelving.

I hope to complete this project by March because I need to have better storage in order to continue completing projects for this blog!

My next big project will be refinishing my dining room table and chairs.  The purchase of new chairs for the ends of my table has fueled my desire to move this project up on my priority list.  I have been eying some dining chairs from Pier 1 for quite a long time.  They were a splurge for me but thanks to a Christmas gift from my father-in-law and a 20% off total purchase coupon from Pier 1, I decided to take the plunge and buy them. Here they are in the dining room.

I love the purple and gold damask on the backs.  The purple is even richer in person.  Just ignore the cat hair in the bottom photo.  My cat definitely approves of these chairs!

My plan for my beautiful table (which was a Craigslist score) is to stain it a little bit darker brown, like the legs of my new chairs.  I also would like to make 2 more leaves for the table.  The table came with three leaves but 2 of them were made by the previous owners of the table and were warped.  I would like to find a fabric that coordinates with my new chairs to recover the pads of my other chairs.  I'm thinking a dark purple or maybe a gold fabric.  I would like to start this project sometime in the spring.

My third project is the largest of them all.  Remember how I have this lovely floor in my bedroom.  
Well the rest of the upstairs besides the bathroom has this ugly, old carpet.  
I've pulled up some loose corners and there is definitely the same floor as our bedroom under there.  I want to pull it all up and refinish the wood floors.  This project definitely won't happen until this summer since it will take some significant time and will require open windows to air the floors out as they are being finished.  This project makes me the most nervous.  But I was nervous about the kitchen tile and that turned out fabulous so here's hoping it will go well.

Next up on the blog will be a post about some sewing project that I have been working on lately.  It will be part 2 of my popular blog post: Things I Can Actually Sew.

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