Monday, June 4, 2012

Living Room Ideas

Not much has changed since my last post.  We are still waiting on the appraisal.  Our mortgage person at our bank said it would be done by the end of May and of course it is now June.  Hopefully it will be done soon so that we can have some peace of mind.

Our closing date is the 22nd of June but we set our actual move-in date for the 30th of June.  We decided to hire movers since we needed some for the piano and dining hutch anyway.  It will be nice to have the furniture and most of the boxes moved because moving is such a long and painful process.  We have been busy packing and I forgot how long it takes.  I thought it took a long time the last time but now we have accumulated a lot more stuff from wedding gifts when we first moved in and other stuff we have accumulated over the years.

The reason we set our actual move-in date for a week after our closing is because we wanted to get some work done on the living room and dining room before we have furniture in them.  This weekend I discovered another fun website where you can make mood boards.  That is actually what I thought Pinterest was before I got an account.  I've spent some time making a mood board for both the living room and the dining room.

I've chosen Valspar Beach Sparkle as the color for our living room.  There will be a chair rail a third of the way up the wall and the bottom third will actually be white with frame molding to create the look of wainscoting.  All the trim will be painted white (Valspar Ultra White) as well.  I tried to find a couch that matched ours but ours is a sectional with a chaise lounge and is a little lighter brown than what is pictured.  The chair in the picture was just a fun approximation of a future diy project.  I have a wing back chair that is in need of a makeover so look for that in future posts.  The bookshelf is a project that will be posted in the very near future which is about 2/3rds of the way done already.  The fabric sample to the side of it is what will go on the backs of the shelves and I am waiting for that fabric to come in to finish the project.  

I will be shared the dining room ideas once I finish my mood board.  I am so excited for this house that I can barely wait but I am glad to have a nice long time to pack.  Packing is a lot of work, uff da!

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