Monday, October 16, 2017

Sister Shirts Using the Silhouette Portrait

In my last post I told you that there was one more part to the gift that we gave to Lyla when she came to meet Ana at the hospital.  The last part of her gift was a big sister shirt.  Of course I had to make a little sister onesie so that Ana could match.
This project was quite simple and I've already written several posts on using heat transfer material with the Silhouette Portrait so I won't bore you with all of the details but I'll just hight light a few important things.

I found the onesie and toddler t-shirt at Hobby Lobby.  I created the graphic using a font called October Twilight.  With any script font you want to make sure to weld the text before cutting out the shape so that the text will come out as one continuous shape and not a lot of little pieces.  I found the heart arrow in the Silhouette Design store by typing "heart arrow" in the search bar.  I measured the front of the t-shirt and the onesie where I wanted to put the designs and then sized each design accordingly.  When you are using heat transfer material you always have to remember to mirror the designs before cutting them out.  Also make sure to load the heat transfer material properly into the machine.  I accidentally loaded it upside down the first time oops!
I just love how the shirt and onesie turned out!  Now getting a picture of the two of them wearing their sister shirts was the challenge.  Ana wasn't having it so she had a pacifier for most of the shots. Lyla kept kicking her legs up in the air so that I had to fix her skirt a ton of times.  Finally I told her that she needed to keep her legs down if she wanted a snack at church ha ha.
Of course most of the shots were less than perfect like this one when Lyla heard daddy walking by.
Or this one where Ana's pacifier fell out and Lyla looked like she wanted to run away.
Or this one where Lyla is trying to pull up her skirt and Ana's legs are straight up in the air (I think she was imitating big sister here LOL)
This shot was the only one I got with Ana's eyes open.  
But even the outtakes are adorable.  I love these two girlies so much!  Next up on the blog I will be sharing Lyla's Halloween costume with you and I am so excited about it.  It is the first time that I sewed her a costume and it turned out great!

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