Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lyla's New Room

As soon as we moved in we got to work unpacking and getting things settled.  A few rooms were on the agenda to get painted right away.  I started with Lyla's room because I wanted it to feel like home for her right away.  Her room looks very similar to her room in our last house (except smaller).  Here are some before photos:

We had a little break between when we closed on the house and when the movers arrived so I could of taken photos of the rooms without anything in them but I totally spaced it out.  The before of this room featured dark 70's wood trim and a very ugly wall color.

The walls are Behr Sparrow and the trim is Behr Ultra White.  There are a few changes of decor placement from her old room.  All of the decor that was behind the rocking chair as well as her little cubby are above the dresser.  Once I get a dresser for the nursery the diaper storage will go above the nursery dresser and Lyla's changing pad, wipe warmer and diaper pails will also move to the nursery. We figured it would be easiest to just have one changing area in the house instead of buying a second changing pad etc. The rocking chair will be moving to the nursery as well once that room is finished. This seemed especially wise since we don't know how much longer Lyla will actually be in diapers. The other decor change that I made in her room was that I moved her framed monogram to behind her crib. I have big plans for the that bifold closet door in the future by the way!

I am so happy that one room is done in the house.  The nursery and living room have also been painted as well and I will share those sometime in the future.  Right now my priority is getting the nursery ready so I hope to have lots of posts to share on that room in the near future.  Right now I am just happy to have finished Lyla's room in time for her 2nd birthday!

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