Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Movie Night Teacher Appreciation Gift

Hello!  I know this blog has been pretty quiet lately but we have been so busy getting our house ready to sell and searching for a house to buy.  I hope to have an update post on that front soon fingers crossed!

Today I have a very short post on the gift I gave to Lyla's daycare teachers for teacher appreciation week.  The first week of May is teacher appreciation week.  As a teacher I have gotten many great gifts from students during the first week of May.  Since I usually have a concert that week the little gifts really help to make my week brighter and a little less stressful.  I have been so grateful to the staff of Lyla's daycare because I can tell that she learns so much there everyday.  I wanted to show them a little token of appreciation so I decided to make them a little movie night gift.
I bought a bundle of 10 Redbox rental codes which you can purchase here. Then I found movie size candy for $1 each at Target.  I got a variety so the teachers could pick their favorite.  I bought a couple of boxes of extra butter popcorn.  Then I made a simple little tag on my Silhouette Portrait and tied everything together with a piece of baker's twine.
It was a simple gift to make and I hope the teachers enjoyed the gift! I have one more exciting thing to share before I finish this post today.
We are so excited to meet the newest member of our family around the end of next September!

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  1. Oh my God, this short post is full of big surprises. I know the selling and buying a house is toughest of all jobs. Good luck for that. I am sure teachers’ gifts are wonderful and made all teachers felling super. Again many congrats on the arrival of a new family member. Cheers.


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