Thursday, July 7, 2016

4 Years

The fourth year in our house has been the fastest one yet.  The biggest change in our lives this year was our family addition last July with the birth of our daughter.  Technically her room was mostly finished before our 3 year house anniversary but I only shared one photo last year so I thought I would share some more this year.

Above is a reminder of the blank slate that I started with.  The only updates that I did to this room before turning it into a nursery were to paint the walls and trim.  The only furniture in the room was a full bed and the rocker that I bought at a thrift store several years before getting pregnant.

As you can see the room looks completely different.  I loved the way it came together (although it is a little messier in there right now).  I hope to share one more big project in that room in the near future.

The other room that is in the process of getting a large makeover is our bonus room.

A few years ago it looked like this but then it got water damage over the last several years.  The carpet was stained and ruined.  Thankfully everything else in the room besides some drywall was unaffected by the water.

So we had drain tile installed and new drywall and flooring put in.  The workers also installed a banister and built a drywall banister to close off the previously open stairs.

Last weekend we took a trip to Minneapolis and made a stop at IKEA.  We purchased a few furniture pieces there for the room and we are in the process of building them right now.

Well those are the major changes in our house this year.  Most of the rooms of our house are done now but you never know what kind of projects I might come up with over this next year.

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