Sunday, May 6, 2012

House Hunters Fargo

So I am kind of obsessed with HG TV.  Funny thing is, I don't have cable.  In the winter, the only thing that really motivates me to go run on the treadmill at the Y is the fact that some of the treadmills have their own TVs.  I almost always watch HG TV when I run at the Y.  I am also a very crafty and creative person.  I have been waiting a long time for the event that has recently occurred which is the beginning of the process of purchasing our first home. 

It seems like our house hunting adventures have been a whirlwind and we found the house of our dreams within two weeks of really beginning our search (in reality I have been searching online for a LONG time).  Looking for a house is fun but at the same time it is very stressful.  You can't expect to find the "perfect" home.  However, I think we came pretty close although we did have to compromise a little bit on the yard size. 

Here is a look at some of the homes that we looked at:

This one was one of our top contenders but it had no dining room which was one of my big things

This one had a beautiful patio and nice updates inside but there was no dining room and the kitchen was tiny

This was also one of the top contenders.  It had beautiful landscaping but unfortunately it only had one bathroom:(

This house was like stepping right back into the 1920's.  It was so cool inside but would have been a lot of work to update

And here is the winner in our search.  Pretty much everything we wanted except not quite as big of a backyard.
So, of course it is not quite a done deal, but it is looking very favorable.  We just had our home inspection and it went very well.  Now we have to have the appraisal and cross my fingers that that goes well.  We should be closing on the 22nd on June if all goes well.  I am so excited!

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